The debug slicing of logic programs

  • Gyöngyi Szilágyi
  • László Harmath
  • Tibor Gyimóthy


This paper extends the scope and optimality of previous algorithmic debugging techniques of Prolog programs using slicing techniques. We provide a dynamic slicing algorithm (called Debug slice) which augments the data flow analysis with control-flow dependences in order to identify the source of a bug included in a program. We developed a tool for debugging Prolog programs which also handles the specific programming techniques (cut, if-then, OR). This approach combines the Debug slice with Shapiro's algorithmic debugging technique.


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Szilágyi, G., Harmath, L., & Gyimóthy, T. (2001). The debug slicing of logic programs. Acta Cybernetica, 15(2), 257-278. Retrieved from
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