Adding Semantics to Measurements: Ontology-Guided, Systematic Performance Analysis

Keywords: performance, measurement, bottleneck identification, EDA, ontology, blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, TPC-C


The design and operation of modern software systems exhibit a shift towards virtualization, containerization and service-based orchestration. Performance capacity engineering and resource utilization tuning become priority requirements in such environments.

Measurement-based performance evaluation is the cornerstone of capacity engineering and designing for performance. Moreover, the increasing complexity of systems necessitates rigorous performance analysis approaches. However, empirical performance analysis lacks sophisticated model-based support similar to the functional design of the system.

The paper proposes an ontology-based approach for facilitating and guiding the empirical evaluation throughout its various steps. Hyperledger Fabric (HLF), an open-source blockchain platform by the Linux Foundation, is modelled and evaluated as a pilot example of the approach, using the standard TPC-C performance benchmark workload.


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Klenik, A., & Pataricza, A. (2022). Adding Semantics to Measurements: Ontology-Guided, Systematic Performance Analysis. Acta Cybernetica, 26(2), 175-213.
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