GeLexi project : sentence parsing based on a GEnerative LEXIcon

  • Gábor Alberti
  • Judit Kleiber
  • Anita Viszket


The principal aim of our research team, called GeLexi, is to legitimate a new sort of generative grammar via verifying its computational implementability. This grammar is more radically "lexicalist" than any earlier one: no phrase structure trees are generated, but word order is accounted for by means of ranked parameters. Another novelty is the extension of "total lexicalism" to morphology: lexical items are assigned not to words but to morphemes. Our parser, in accordance with the basic task of every generative grammar, decides whether a sentence is grammatical, and if it is, then provides a morphophonological analysis, a compilation of grammatical relations, and two kinds of semantic representations. At the end we show some examples to demonstrate our procedures, among them a sentence containing the conjunction és 'and', which is our latest development.


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Alberti, G., Kleiber, J., & Viszket, A. (2004). GeLexi project : sentence parsing based on a GEnerative LEXIcon. Acta Cybernetica, 16(4), 587-600. Retrieved from
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