An approach for compacting XMI documents

  • Miklós Kálmán


One of the most common formats for storing information is XML. It is used in many areas, with its spectrum expanding day by day. A big drawback of the XML format is that the documents can be quite large. This causes problems wherever size is an important issue, for example in embedded systems or whenever the document has to be transferred over a network. Another widely used format is XMI (XML Metadata Interchange), which is derived from the XML format. Since XMI is an extension of XML the same problems are inherited. A Metalanguage called SRML was defined which provided a good solution to describe the relationships between XML attributes making the compacting of XML documents possible. The main idea behind our paper is to extend the SRML definition in such a way that it supports the XMI environment. This results in a method for compacting XMI documents using semantic rules.


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