Prosper : developing web applications strongly integrated with Prolog

  • Levente Hunyadi


Separating presentation and application logic, defining presentation in a declarative way and automating recurring tasks are fundamental issues in rapid web application development. Albeit Prolog is widely employed in intelligent systems and knowledge discovery, creating a web interface for Prolog has been a cumbersome task producing poorly maintainable code, which hinders harnessing the power of Prolog in information systems. This paper presents a framework called Prosper that facilitates developing new or extending existing Prolog applications with a presentation front-end. The framework relies on Prolog to the greatest possible extent, supports code re-use, and integrates easily with web servers. As a result, Prosper simplifies the creation of complex, maintainable web applications running either independently or as part of a heterogeneous system without leaving the Prolog domain.


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