Distinguishing experiments for timed nondeterministic finite state machine

  • Khaled El-Fakih


The problem of constructing distinguishing experiments is a fundamental problem in the area of finite state machines (FSMs), especially for FSM-based testing. In this paper, the problem is studied for timed nondeterministic FSMs (TFSMs) with output delays. Given two TFSMs, we derive the TFSM intersection of these machines and show that the machines can be distinguished using an appropriate (untimed) FSM abstraction of the TFSM intersection. The FSM abstraction is derived by constructing appropriate partitions for the input and output time domains of the TFSM intersection. Using the obtained abstraction, a traditional FSM-based preset algorithm can be used for deriving a separating sequence for the given TFSMs if these machines are separable. Moreover, as sometimes two non-separable TFSMs can still be distinguished by an adaptive experiment, based on the FSM abstraction we present an algorithm for deriving an r-distinguishing TFSM that represents a corresponding adaptive experiment.


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El-Fakih, K. (2013). Distinguishing experiments for timed nondeterministic finite state machine. Acta Cybernetica, 21(2), 205-222. https://doi.org/10.14232/actacyb.21.2.2013.1
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