The structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games

  • Lajos Győrffy
  • András London
  • Géza Makay


In Maker-Breaker positional games two players, Maker and Breaker, play on a finite or infinite board with the goal of claiming or preventing the opponent from getting a finite winning set, respectively. For different games there are several winning strategies for Maker or Breaker. One class of winning strategies is the so-called pairing (paving) strategies. Here, we describe all possible pairing strategies for the 9-in-a-row game. Furthermore, we define a graph of the pairings, containing 194,543 vertices and 532,107 edges, in order to give them a structure. A complete characterization of the graph is also given.


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Győrffy, L., London, A., & Makay, G. (2017). The structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games. Acta Cybernetica, 23(2), 561-572.
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