Reconstruction of Rooted Directed Trees

Keywords: tree reconstruction, subtree size frequencies, rooted directed trees


Let T be a rooted directed tree on n vertices, rooted at v. The rooted subtree frequency vector (RSTF-vector) of T with root v, denoted by rstf(T, v) is a vector of length n whose entry at position k is the number of subtrees of T that contain v and have exactly k vertices. In this paper we present an algorithm for reconstructing rooted directed trees from their rooted subtree frequencies (up to isomorphism). We show that there are examples of nonisomorphic pairs of rooted directed trees that are RSTF-equivalent, s.t. they share the same rooted subtree frequency vectors. We have found all such pairs (groups) for small sizes by using exhaustive computer search. We show that infinitely many nonisomorphic RSTF-equivalent pairs of trees exist by constructing infinite families of examples.


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