Graph Coloring based Heuristic for Crew Rostering

Keywords: crew rostering, graph coloring, tabu search


In the last years personnel cost became a huge factor in the financial management of many companies and institutions.The firms are obligated to employ their workers in accordance with the law prescribing labour rules. The companies can save costs with minimizing the differences between the real and the expected worktimes. Crew rostering is assigning the workers to the previously determined shifts, which has been widely studied in the literature. In this paper, a mathematical model of the problem is presented and a two-phase graph coloring method for the crew rostering problem is introduced. Our method has been tested on artificially generated and real life input data. The results of the new algorithm have been compared to the solutions of the integer programming model for moderate-sized problems instances.


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Hajdu, L., Tóth, A., & Krész, M. (2020). Graph Coloring based Heuristic for Crew Rostering. Acta Cybernetica, 24(4), 643-661.
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