Projection selection dependency in binary tomography

  • László Varga
  • Péter Balázs
  • Antal Nagy


It has already been shown that the choice of projection angles can significantly influence the quality of reconstructions in discrete tomography. In this contribution we summarize and extend the previous results by explaining and demonstrating the effects of projection selection dependency, in a set of experimental software tests. We perform reconstructions of software phantoms, by using different binary tomography reconstruction algorithms, from different equiangular and non-equiangular projections sets, under various conditions (i.e., when the objects to be reconstructed undergo slight topological changes, or the projection data is affected by noise) and compare the results with suitable approaches. Based on our observations, we reveal regularities in the resulting data and discuss possible consequences of such projection selection dependency in binary tomography.


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Varga, L., Balázs, P., & Nagy, A. (2011). Projection selection dependency in binary tomography. Acta Cybernetica, 20(1), 167-187.
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