Performance metrics based mobile resource management

  • Krisztián Pándi
  • Hassan Charaf


Mobile computer technology has greatly evolved in the recent years. Cloud computing is recognized to be a new area for solving performance issues. Mobile terminal can take advantage from cloud computing. To cope with these new resources and fulfill new quality and performance requirements a more sophisticated architecture and resource management is necessary. The basis of effective resource management is a precise knowledge of the hardware and software capabilities. Performance metrics serve as an input for resource management. This study will present architecture of mobile resource management using cloud resources. The main task of such resource management is to decide which application where to run; on the mobile terminal or in the cloud. This paper identifies key components of resource management, settles the tasks and relationships between them.


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Pándi, K., & Charaf, H. (2013). Performance metrics based mobile resource management. Acta Cybernetica, 21(1), 165-176.
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