Mobile resource management load balancing strategy

  • Krisztián Pándi
  • Hassan Charaf


This paper is dealing with mobile resource management that distributes mobile device processes between cloud computing virtual machine and mobile device. Expectation is that mobile device user experience will increase. Load balancing is an important part of mobile resource management. In order to be able to solve load balancing issues, discussion is made how currently available methods can be adapted to our resource manager. In this article, we investigate load balancing procedures, methods and their customization, with a particular attention on mobile and cloud computing requirements. As a result, we expect that important design aspects will become apparent. Profile based load balancing method is recommended, what combines static and dynamic load balancing strategy. Using profile to identify usage scenario of mobile device can lead to increased system responsiveness, thus experience improvement.


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Pándi, K., & Charaf, H. (2015). Mobile resource management load balancing strategy. Acta Cybernetica, 22(1), 171-181.
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