Camera placement optimization in object localization system

  • Dávid Szalóki


This paper focuses on the placement of cameras in order to achieve the highest possible localization accuracy with a multi-camera system. The cameras have redundant fields of view. They have to be placed according to some natural constraints but user defined constraints are allowed as well. A camera model is described and the components causing the localization errors are identified. Some localization accuracy measures are defined for any number of cameras. The multi-camera placement is analytically formulated using the expanded measures for multiple cameras. An example of placing two cameras is shown and the generalizations into higher dimensional parameter spaces are examined. There are publications where camera placement algorithms are formulated or compared. We make an attempt to examine the analytical solution of this problem in case of different objective functions.


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Szalóki, D. (2015). Camera placement optimization in object localization system. Acta Cybernetica, 22(1), 211-228.
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