Instantiation of Java Generics

Keywords: Java, generic, instantiation, template


Type parametrization is an essential construct in modern programming languages. On one hand, Java offers generics, on the other hand, C++ offers templates for highly reusable code. The mechanism between these constructs differs and affects usage and runtime performance, as well. Java uses type erasure, C++ deals with instantiations.

In this paper, we argue for an approach in Java which is similar to C++ template construct. We evaluate the runtime performance of instantiated code and we present our tool which is able to use Java generics as templates. This tool generates Java source code. We present how this approach improves the usage of Java generics.


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Soha, P., & Pataki, N. (2022). Instantiation of Java Generics. Acta Cybernetica, 25(4), 897-908.