Visualisation of Jenkins Pipelines

Keywords: Jenkins, pipeline, vizualisation, CI


Continuous Integration (CI) is an essential approach in modern software engineering. CI tools help merging the recent commits from the developers, thus the bugs can be realized in an early phase of development and integration hell can be avoided. Jenkins is the most well-known and most widely-used CI tool.

Pipelines become first-class citizen in Jenkins 2. Pipelines consist of stages, such as compiling, building Docker image, integration testing, etc. However, comprehensive Jenkins pipelines are hard to see through and understand. In this paper, we argue for a modern visualisation of Jenkins pipelines. We present our solution for making Jenkins pipelines comprehensible on the dashboard.


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Révész, Ádám, & Pataki, N. (2021). Visualisation of Jenkins Pipelines. Acta Cybernetica, 25(4), 877-895.