Adaptive scheduling solution for grid meta-brokering

  • Attila Kertész
  • József Dániel Dombi
  • József Dombi


The nearly optimal, interoperable utilization of various grid resources play an important role in the world of grids. Though well-designed, evaluated and widely used resource brokers have been developed, these existing solutions still cannot cope with the high uncertainty ruling current grid systems. To ease the simultaneous utilization of different middleware systems, researchers need to revise current solutions. In this paper we propose advanced scheduling techniques with a weighted fitness function for an adaptive Meta-Brokering Grid Service, which enables a higher level utilization of the existing grid brokers. We also set up a grid simulation environment to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed meta-level scheduling solution. The presented evaluation results show that the proposed novel scheduling technique in the meta-brokering context delivers better performance.


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Kertész, A., Dombi, J. D., & Dombi, J. (2009). Adaptive scheduling solution for grid meta-brokering. Acta Cybernetica, 19(1), 105-123.
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