Functional dependencies over XML documents with DTDs

  • Sven Hartmann
  • Sebastian Link
  • Klaus-Dieter Schewe


In this article an axiomatisation for functional dependencies over XML documents is presented. The approach is based on a representation of XML document type definitions (or XML schemata) by nested attributes using constructors for records, disjoint unions and lists, and a particular null value, which covers optionality. Infinite structures that may result from referencing attributes in XML are captured by rational trees. Using a partial order on nested attributes we obtain non-distributive Brouwer algebras. The operations of the Brouwer algebra are exploited in the soundness and completeness proofs for derivation rules for functional dependencies.


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Hartmann, S., Link, S., & Schewe, K.-D. (2005). Functional dependencies over XML documents with DTDs. Acta Cybernetica, 17(1), 153-171. Retrieved from
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